1888 Memory Game

1888 Memory Game

1888 Memory Game is a very basic variant of the popular pair-matching game
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1888 Memory Game is an excellent (and yet simple) board game. This game relies on your memory skills - namely, your ability to remember the places of different numbers. The goal of this game is to match numbers written on blocks by clicking on blocks in pairs - when you reveal two blocks with the same number, the blocks will disappear. There is a timer at the top of the game window that shows the time it takes you to match all numbers.

The game suits players of different ages and levels of proficiency. You will be able to choose from two levels of difficulty: the beginner level ("20 Twins", includes 20 blocks with numbers ranging from one to nine) and the expert level ("36 Twins", with 36 blocks and numbers from 10 to 20). The main drawbacks of this game are that it has a very basic interface and has no sound effects or customization options at all - so it will probably fit those players who prefer simplicity to attractions. On the bright side, the game is very tiny and is absolutely free.

Marian Zaky
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  • Two levels of difficulty


  • Very simplistic.
  • No sound
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